Take a bite out of new car buying and leasing. We make acquiring your next vehicle pain free.


why partner with autoshark


The Auto Sales Industry

Buying or leasing a new car is likely the second most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime.  Dealerships and auto sales people are professionals; they sell thousands of vehicles a year and are trained to manage the sales process in order to maximize profits for the dealership and themselves.  AUTOSHARK takes a bite out of not only the cost, but the hassle of choosing, locating and negotiating the perfect vehicle.  We streamline the process to where our customers simply have to sign and drive away in their brand new car. 


Experience and Track Record

AUTOSHARK has helped countless people to select, locate, negotiate and purchase or lease the perfect new vehicle.  We understand the car buying process and act as your personal consultant and trusted advisor throughout the selection, location, negotiation and delivery process.  Having an experienced shark working for you will ensure that you get the best possible discount, rebates, incentives and financing based on your credit history.


Pain Free

When you ask people what they dislike most about purchasing a new vehicle, time and time again it's the struggle and headache of spending hours, days or weeks in dealerships, dealing with back and forth sales tactics, only to drive off and wonder if they received the best possible deal.  AUTOSHARK was founded to ensure our clients receive the ROCK BOTTOM PRICE, eliminate stress, save valuable time, and to finally make the new car process enjoyable!

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